"The software which was created by arwa we use as the tool to monitor our project results. It helps us to generate monthly reports and to see how many clients we have, what countries they are from, what services they use and etc. Also it allows us to send automatic and free of charge messages/reminders for our customers and empolyees. It has a big variety of useful options which facilitates our job. One more good thing is that the director of the company is always offering the updates and new ideas how to develop and ease our tasks. I can strongly advice arwa software as a responsible, quickly reacting and inovative partner."

Ieva Mukauskaitė

Chairman of the board of Centre Plus

"I never trusted cloud computing but now when I started to use TheGuide I am sure that our database is safe and secure all the time. Furthermore, we can easily access it anywhere and anytime. Thanks for arwa software for saving our time."

Ehab Zaher

CEO of Zaher IĮ